Who We Are

We represent tens of thousands of Eugene residents and organizations who support energy choice and common-sense solutions for addressing climate change. Below is a snapshot of all those who support energy choice throughout Eugene.


  • Iron Workers, Local 29
  • Lane, Coos, Curry, Douglas Building Trades Council
  • Lane Families for Farms and Forests
  • NW Natural
  • Oregon Dairy Farmers Association
  • Oregon Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association
  • Oregon Hop Growers Association
  • OPEIU, Local 11
  • Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association
  • International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 701
  • United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters, Local 290
  • Western Oregon Builders Association


Testimonials: A Sampling of What the Community is Saying       

“I am very concerned about our freedom to choose... In my opinion, this isn't really about protecting people from the possible effects of using natural gas."

- Jake H., Eugene Resident speaking during a City Council Public Meeting.

“I have with me more than 2,500 cards right here, signed by people who live, work [in this community] and who have all agreed to sign a letter to you. [...] I have one request: Look at these, and see the thousands of people who are listening to what you have to say.” 

- Jeff McGillivray, Business Agent, United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 290 speaking during a City Council Public Meeting.


"Housing is so expensive in Eugene and Lane County. It's really challenging for people to afford a house. Every time you add a dollar or $10,000 you eliminate a lot of people from affording housing."

- Tom Walter, President of Walter Custom Homes, explaining to reporters that it would cost his business and the industry more to switch to electric.


“In 2020 if you combine coal plus natural gas, for electricity use, [that] accounts for 48% of total electricity used in our state. Natural gas alone generated 21.5% of our electricity use in 2020. [...] This proposed forced electrification will result in more natural gas being burned at EWEB, converted into heat, into electricity, transmitted over the power grid, and finally converting it back into heat, which results in a huge loss of efficiency…"

- Mica McOmber, Local Homebuilder speaking during a City Council Public Meeting.

Other Voices of Support

“I wholeheartedly support this effort and endorse the Eugene for Energy Choice Campaign. I put a proposal forward at the council table to put the gas ban decision out for a public vote because the community has a right to a vote on this issue. I'm happy that our community has the ability to vote on this now that citizens gathered signatures to put this on the ballot.” - Mike Clark, Eugene City Councilor, Ward 5

"This is a matter of personal choice for citizens to decide how to heat their homes, have hot water, and cook their food..." - Mark J., Eugene Resident

"The ban is irrational and, in the greater scheme of things, actually harmful and counterproductive." - Roy S., Eugene Resident

"... And when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow, all of those people with those high-priced electric vehicles will be charging their cars with power generated by natural gas and coal (when there is not sufficient hydropower, which will be often given increased loads and drought). So where is the benefit?" - Leonard K., Eugene Resident

"Residents of Eugene, Oregon should not be deprived of their choice of energy to use in their home." - John Y., Eugene Resident

"We should have the right to have a choice on what kind of energy we want to use..." - Mary W., Eugene Resident

"Natural Gas is not only a very efficient form of energy. It is also very clean. There is no reason for it to be banned. Further, stressing our electric grid with a gas ban would be seriously detrimental to the well being of our community. For a small number of people in positions of leadership to insist on a one-size-fits-all energy mandate is irresponsible and reeks of an authoritarian government that has no place in our fair city. We. The. People." - Patty D., Eugene Resident

“Electric use only will require more infrastructure. Prices will rise if there is only one source. I moved from Texas where the utilities were managed so poorly it costed me thousands in upkeep for both Electric and water. Gas wasn’t even an option. I don’t want to go down that path again.” – Melanie O., Eugene Resident

"I should have the choice to choose how I want to heat my house. Government should not choose for me. What happens to my house when the electricity goes out . NO HEAT! If I had a gas fireplace, BINGO I can heat part of my home. LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE!" - Farren B., Eugene Resident

"We have had recent accidents or natural disasters deprive our home of power for an extended period of time. Without our natural gas, we would have had to leave the house, costing us room and board that we had not budgeted for, and who knows what damage to our unheated home." - Loren C., Eugene Resident

"Natural Gas is one of the cleaner forms of fossil fuels. There is not now, nor will there be in a timely manner, any adequate energy replacement at an affordable price for those who need that option most and who can least afford higher and higher electricity prices." - John H., Eugene Resident

"I am a huge supporter of cleaner energy. I am also aware that until we have a grid that supports the energy needs of the community, we need diverse methods of providing energy. Natural gas is a great energy source that is clean. People need options and banning natural gas is not a good solution. Just look at the issues other states are having due to the poor power grid." - Sarah B., Eugene Resident

"There is nothing wrong with Natural Gas as an energy source, and the Natural Gas Industry has bent over backwards doing what they can to make natural gas 'Greener' to appease those who in my opinion have an agenda not wholly truthful." - Stephen B., Eugene Resident

"[A gas ban] will lead to a complete elimination of gas and that is wrong. It will also increase the cost of electricity." - John S. - Eugene Resident

"The largest majority of people want natural gas for heating their homes and cooking. The energy is clean and superior to electricity. We need both and should not have a few people decide for all of us. It’s our right to choose what type of energy we want." - Sally S., Eugene Resident

“Don’t take people’s choice for clean and abundant energy away. This country and city is not ready to convert to all electric power with a power grid that is not able to adequately service the needs that we now have.” - Matthew K., Eugene Resident

"... Instead of banning natural gas, support the NW Natural Smart Energy program which helps reduce, and prevent, the release of methane and other green house gases." - Elizabeth L., Eugene Resident

"Gas Bans endanger lives in extreme weather. When the power goes out - and it will - gas heating is necessary to save lives." - John K., Eugene Resident