Endorsement Spotlight

Steamfitters Union Leader Speaks On Consequences of a Gas Ban

Earlier this year, Jeff McGillivray with the United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 290 spoke publicly about a key consequence of a ban on natural gas on new construction: businesses leaving Eugene: "We're not going to have businesses coming to Eugene to develop, and if people aren't developing in Eugene, my members don't have work."

Jeff, pictured below, also gave testimony on behalf of Local 290 during a public meeting in November 2022 as he presented to Councilors a letter from residents expressing their concerns about a gas ban.


I have with me more than 2,500 cards right here, signed by people who live, work [in this community] and who have all agreed to sign a letter to you. [...] I have one request: Look at these, and see the thousands of people who are listening to what you have to say.” Click here to view Jeff's testimony to City Council in November 2022.

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